Weeknotes: Stacking — 28th August 2022

  • This week I won at Calendar-Tetris, which is to say that I sat in a near-solid block of gatherings from Monday through to Friday. It hasn’t been quite that packed since 2020. New objective: Never let it quite get that bad again - which probably means starting to do time-blocking.
  • On Wednesday lunchtime I learned something semi-secret which totally broke my brain. And I think I gave a slightly disastrous presso afterwards - although people were awfully nice about it. Spent the evening at one of London’s rare Izakayas eating okonomiyaki: They made a decent highball.
  • Thursday evening involved product chatter and cocktails at a speakeasy - one of the few spaces in the City which isn’t always packed. They made a decent highball.
  • Reading about the community coming out of early hacker-spaces or places like GDS, I feel a little sad (and, perhaps a phantom pang of loneliness) that with more remoteness and less time in second or third places, that for a while there will be fewer of these communities and connections.
  • The magic has certainly started to wane: For the third month in a row, I’ve learned that yet another friend is planning on moving out of London, out of the UK. If only Japanese grammar weren’t still so confusing - maybe I’d be thinking the same thoughts.
  • Oh: On Friday I saw Nick in real life at Two Tribes and later at a house-warming party and I can confirm that he’s alive and well. Two Tribes didn’t make a decent highball.
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