Weeknotes: Fishing — Week 18, 2023

  • Bank holiday week this week, marked by a Monday road-trip to Winchester Service Station to watch the cherry blossom. Since they were on the way, we also visited Stonehenge to get yelled at by security & Oxford to get yelled at by some cyclists.
  • Visiting Oxford was really nice. Spending so much time there as a teen, I did a spot tour of the very centre, ending up at the Turf Tavern where I got to overhear the funniest debate about fishes and metaphysics. What fish would you be?
  • Spent a lot of time at work this week with the interactive publishing stack. On top of recruiting for a small group to work on advancing it (kicking off soon™), I began documenting and building a dashboard for one of the most misunderstood bits of kit. The dashboard has already unpleasantly surprised me.
  • Splunk tip of the week: Build a dashboard by starting with data-sources, and chained searches first before ever trying to do anything with the user interface. It's faster and less confusing. And remember to export fields from each parent searches with | fields nameOfField1, nameOfField2
  • Wound up at a pub quiz after being promised wings. A lady read out some numbers which I somehow immediately knew was "Poseidon" spelt out on a phone dialling pad. Need to re-examine my life-choices. The wings were ok. We came second.
  • Svelte is very nice actually,,
  • On Friday, Euan left again, this time the country, marked by a gathering in Whitechapel. Lovely to be back in the area and see even more old friends - and feeling nostalgia and regret in moving away - maybe I'll move back someday? Rushed to catch the last train, accidentally caught a different last train, whoops!
  • Apparently friends in CRG read these? If so, hi!
  • Saturday was my birthday, and the entire country of England threw a surprise party for me.
  • In all seriousness, I attempted to organise something but even weeks away the coronation overshadowed the day. So I enthusiastically boycotted both and crashed a gathering at the Bermondsey Beer Mile instead. Lost at fußball. But, like AFC Richmond, at least I tried.
  • Trying to write something this weekend, and am once again slightly annoyed at my CMS. Ugh. (Weeknotes are now starting in Logseq!).

Collage of week 18, 2023

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