Weeknotes: Lying — 18th September 2022

  • It’s hard to say how long it’s been now.
  • We lost the South Bank of the Thames to The Queue on Wednesday.
  • Thursday we had The Queue contained to Southwark Park. Sleep came easy that night.
  • But somewhere along the way we got cocky - containment failed. The breach rapidly expanded north. Green Park, St James's Park & Hyde Park Corner have all fallen.
  • We think some famous footballer (from the 2000s) was involved in the containment breach: Anything for a knighthood.
  • The Queue was five miles long before we lost the ability to measure it. Our equipment doesn't work anymore.
  • It’s like 2020 all over again: Next week, we’re closing the shops, the schools and the encouraging people not to work.
  • The republicans warned us. We should have listened. It may now be too late.
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