Weeknotes: Incanting — Week 7, 2023

  • There's a genuine spark of wonder that I've been feeling recently as I've been discovering and learning about the more obscure parts of the FT.com stack. Last year my assignments kept me away from the less maintained systems and so it's been surprisingly fun seeing how people approached problems several years ago - and years later, seeing how t approach aged.heir
  • That isn't a popular opinion and it definitely isn't how I'll always feel. Years ago I'd actively sworn at old code (although in my defence I defy anyone not to swear at the logic of recursive cURL calls in PHP!). But, there's a big difference between spelunking through systems in an exploratory way, and doing so while trying to ship a specific feature on a deadline.
  • CBT is, you know, fine. I'm in it for the long-haul I guess.
  • Bear with me: Last year I got an Analogue Pocket. And, last week I got a copy of The Urbz. It seemed like a good way to all this spend time in recovery. Only one problem, some unlocks in the game require multiplayer. So I bought a GBA linker cable for £3, dumped my save file and re-read how GBA saves work so I could convert a cartridge EEPROM save to SRAM for a backup, so I can fake a player 2. What a way to spend an Friday evening.
  • In other news, over the weekend I beat The Urbz. Listen to this terrible iconic 2003 techno. What an iconic game. Playing this in my early tweens clocked me onto anti-capitalism.
  • Think I'm coming down with something, and, I got a ping. So now I'm continuing to vicariously relive my tweens by rewatching Bleach. Forgot nearly all of the plot, but meanwhile, apparently I memorised some of the kidō incantations. And reader? I still remember them. Cringe or ironically retro? You decide.
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