šŸ‘‹Hi, Iā€™m Alex and Iā€™d like to help you solve your business and technology problems. You can read a bit about my background here.


Team Formation, Hiring & Culture

Building inclusive, multidisciplinary teams can be hard whether improving an existing one or forming from scratch. By bringing engineering and product management expertise, I can help you build and improve high-performing teams with industry best-practice from sourcing, recruiting, on-boarding all the way through to delivering value at scale.

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Penetration Testing

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Security is an area of technology & business development which is broadly misunderstood. The risks in technology estates alone tend to be far broader than people understand, and many organisations are being caught out everyday by increasingly advanced threats. Working independently or with you and your teams, I can help you find and mitigate your risks.

Architecture Consultation

Designing software to effectively meet our user and business needs is hard: There's so much noise around patterns, technologies and tools that it's easy to forget what's really important. Technology tends to be presented as a solution before we discover the problem.
As user-needs and organisations evolve, the approach that worked yesterday might be a blocker today. From microservices through to mobile applications, I can help design/adapt architecture and its design process to empower everybody and to work for your business.

  • Building focus on the right problems
  • Bringing technology together with other departments
  • Continuous delivery and iteration
  • Ensuring quality in every release
  • Improved cost-effectiveness

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Development Projects

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Looking for a senior or lead engineer to join your team?
I am not currently taking on extended projects, however please still get in touch: I share a network of connections including brilliant freelancers and contractors who will be able to help you.

Please get in touch

Even if you're not ready or able for a full engagement and would still like some advice/help, I'd love to grab a coffee ā€” get in touch!

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