Weeknotes: Jubilating — 4th June 2022

Slowly getting back to normal this week, just in time to remember that over the past few years I’ve been developing hay-fever.

  • No running (yet) this week. It’s the Platinum Jubilee so it was a short 3-day week.
  • I spent some time reviewing fracture planes with a view to applying them to (hopefully) enable some several teams to work together in harmony. Many things about this work are quite exciting.
  • On Wednesday I went to a lunch with Fastly which was nice, not only because Fastly are a lovely collection of humans, but, because we learned about how other companies approach some of the same challenges that we’re facing.

This week, all of Great Britain has been celebrating the 43rd anniversary of the London Underground’s Jubilee line, which first opened in 1979.

  • Originally the line was named after the River Fleet, its colour was battleship-gray and it was planned to run next to the Fleet through the City of London.
  • To avoid evoking the wrath of rival River Thames, after delays in building a defensive Barrier, in 1977 the line was renamed. That year happened to be the Silver Jubilee and Battleship-gray is visually similar to Silver, so after some hurried sign repainting, the name Jubilee quickly stuck.
  • The River Fleet hasn’t been seen ever since.

As part of the Jubilee Line celebrations, Bank Station has grown an extra hallway and Crossrail 1 has finally opened.

  • Crossrail is now called the Elizabeth Line line. Lots of people (who are highly intelligent actually) have been explaining why this is a good idea (actually), and while everybody agrees that (actually) they’re right, let’s face it - it’s probably a clerical error that went too far.
  • Northern Line trains are comically small on the cavernous new Bank platforms, to the point where the height difference makes you think they might eventually add in bigger trains. Unfortunately, the Northern Line is not part of the New Tube for London plan.
  • I went to visit both this week, and they’re genuinely very cool. The Elizabeth Line trains in particular are as quiet, fast & shiny as the modern high-speed mass-transit-systems of other cities, and I love that all of the new digital signage.
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