Weeknotes: Camping — Week 21, 2023

  • The trouble with doing a long hike on Sunday and then immediately walking to work from Waterloo the following day is that you get massive cramp.
  • Writing this to the sound of “Cotten-Eyed Joe” in a field in the middle of Hertfordshire. How did we get here?
  • Career progression in engineering is heavily on my mind this week. Both the general case, and my own (I think they call this career planning) - and I’ve started writing down some thoughts. It’s hard to write something that includes both a diagnosis of difficulties and some suggestions without it reading a bit like a manifesto but I’m trying. And also to not make it just about me. And here we are.
  • Furthering a reputation I’d rather I not have, I discovered that a cache of discount cards for the sea-creature pub and started distributing them. Sorry Euan.
  • Gee, the first season of this Succession show is pretty good. Yes I know I'm several years late.
  • There's a lot more to write but I don't want to miss my inconsequential self-imposed deadline again, and on account of being in a field in the middle of Hertfordshire can predict that it's going to be a chore to publish this. Wish me luck.
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