Weeknotes: Dallying — 17th April 2022

  • I didn’t do anything for lent this year. But the four day long weekend is worth celebrating in its own right. Why don’t we have more of these?
  • On Wednesday I went to a sake-tasting by Takara brewery, where after a brief lecture on the production & grading of sake, we got to try four pretty different varieties. I’d never had sparkling sake before and, considering how cheap it is, it’s delicious. Move on over champagne.
  • Also on Wednesday, Jake left the FT (and I gave him the best leaving gift I’ll probably ever give). I’ll miss you Jake, really.
  • Some interesting conversations came up during Jake’s leaving drinks, but one that stuck with me was actually about weeknotes. Our most “liked” notes are ones sprinkled with tragedy and negativity. What gives, people? You’re sending some really strange messages!
  • On Friday I went into central, central London to watch Bad Guys with Laura. Nobody is wearing masks anymore - but thankfully it’s such an unpopular movie that we had the theatre to ourselves. The movie was - uncomfortable, but fine.
  • For the first time since last July, with minimal prep & planning, I played some techno. I made a few mistakes, but overall IMO it’s pretty dope and I hope you enjoy it. There’s a reason they don’t let me play Psy.
  • I wrote a difficult email about migrating users away from my Google Workspace domain. For over a decade it’s been free, but Google are discontinuing access. We talk about how many products they kill but, well, they’re doing quite well financially so maybe they’re onto something.
  • Remember I talked about reading Russian tweets? Turns out you can do that with Japanese tweets too - and Mirigana can help.
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