Weeknotes: Brewing — 4th December 2022

  • December is here.  After the last two being two lockdown-driven letdowns, finding the holiday spirit is a bit more difficult, but I’m optimistic.  The main obstacle is unpredictable trains, with strikes and other cancellations due later this month, but still hoping to see family this year.
  • Overnight groceries are great: All the fun of spontaneous purchases with the savings of bulk buys. The only downside is having to wake up at 7AM on a Sunday.
  • Spent most of this week preparing for end-of-year reviews, looking at options in recruiting and reacting to a few operational concerns.  It’s the final stretch of the year now so everything that comes in is earmarked urgent - including a surprise risk-mitigation project.
  • Highlight this week was my team all getting together in-person for the first time since summer. It was for a workshop - but - the workshop started super late so while we waited, we had a proper natter.
  • The Kindle Scribe arrived a day early. First impressions: It’s a great e-reader, and the writing experience is great.  Marking-up PDFs works like a charm.  However its organisation options are no better than a regular Kindle, holding it back from being a notepad replacement. Perhaps most disappointingly, taking notes in books is limited to invisible post-it notes.
  • In the black friday sales I picked up new running shoes - and did a slightly more structured 10K.  Making steady progress but my recovery pace needs lots of work.
  • Kara, Rowan, Luke & I started playing Create mod - which amongst many other things lets you over-engineer your way into automating Builders Tea. Just brilliant.
  • lol outgoing webmentions are still broken. Sorry Rowan.
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