Weeknotes: Conditioning — 21 August 2022

  • Reader I have a confession: While I’ve referenced it plenty in the past, it’s only very recently that I started consciously compartmentalising. And it is a very useful tool indeed.
  • On Saturday Sunday Monday Tuesday my new air conditioner arrived and immediately brought my apartment below 30°C - and my bedroom below the 25°C - both for the first time in long over a week. Huzzah.
  • At work on Thursday afternoon we had our first Show & Tell across all of Product & Technology. It’s pretty bananas seeing how much interesting work is going on once it’s all presented in one place.
  • It fell on the day of a Rail strike, meaning fewer people came in person than had signed up. So after the few of us who were there commandeered the extra bottles of wine & chewed the fat: True influencer moment.
  • The Tube & Rail strikes have been inconvenient (I guess that’s the purpose of a strike) but for me amounted to walking a bit more - which is no bad thing. I am now mildly obsessed with buying an electric bike though. Look it!
  • Pretty bummed about missing out on Field Day though.
  • I hit the milestone of having learned 50 Kanji this week. :)
  • Oh, and I did some running too!
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