Weeknotes: Exhausting — Week 38, 2023

  • One of my teams, Storytelling, ran a nice away-day - where everyone made it into London. I wasn't at the main event itself, but I was there for both dinners and a lunch (hopefully not only invited so I would pay...). But I had a great time talking to people I don't normally get a chance to.
  • On Tuesday I had my last occupational health session at work, where I got a simple question, "Are you feeling like yourself again?" - and for the first time all year, the answer was a resounding yes. I've been in a bit of a rut, and have felt anxious and stuck, but that's all over now — and I have the all-clear to start working out and travelling again, so I should probably take advantage of it. Writing this particular point entirely for myself.
  • Not sure why but I found this week particularly tiring. I had a moment at the end of it, with George, where we just sat there in silence. "I'm exhausted".
  • Also met up for dinner with Hajime, who was in town for a big data conference. Dinner was delicious: Enoteca de Luca, which I walk past at lest once a week. On top of talking sports and business - we also talked about how much has changed in the five years since we worked together, yet also how little.
  • I've started a new side-project: Vectorising this blog. That's what I spent Saturday doing, before heading into town to have dinner and watch the people watching the Rugby. Sunday included phenomenal Indian food with a side of wedding drama and a long walk around south london.
  • Lxds this week was supposed to kick-off my exams for the month. Only, when attempting to do the first one, it turned out that I wasn't registered for this exam ... or any of them. Cue an urgent support ticket, and several phone calls. I got it escalated to the office who handle exams, but, I haven't heard a thing and - well - now I've missed this exam. Annoying.
  • In reflection it's probably all the finals and the exam prep which left me so tired.

Collage of Week 38 2023

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