Weeknotes: Scrubbing — Week 35, 2023

  • This week was a short one. I spent Monday morning sitting in a cafe finishing the Agile Comms Handbook, my honest takeaway is that it's great. At the start there's a core premise of how to structure comms, then the remainder is a mixture of guidance and practical steps to make it work. All the talk of tea made me regret the coffee I paired it with.
  • We're done with our first round of planning sessions to enable micro-frontends, or extensions! There are several components that bring it together, and we've scoped just enough of all of them to enable an end-to-end basic demo relatively soon.
  • Sagemaker is behaving now. Sort-of. We succeeded to do some training on satellite photographs, but it's still missing some of our hyperparameters so we can't tune much. They should be in a file, or in an environment variable, but they're appearing in neither. So there's a light sprinkling of hardcoding happening until we sort that out.
  • Also starting to get my head around the elections next year. Many hours were spent this week learning about things we've previously done and what our aspirations are next year, and I'm now looking at what we can practically do.
  • Highballs are a really underrated cocktail and I have no idea why they're not more common.
  • On Saturday I went to FT Weekend to do some user research. Standing around and waiting for strangers to talk to you (or attempting to engage them in conversation) turns out to be super stressful! I did the late afternoon stretch, when the free coffee vouchers weren't as lucrative, so we didn't talk to many people. The added bonus was wearing a shirt that says "Staff" on it, and going to the not-so-secret afterparty!
  • The talks were pretty great, I didn't see any live, but the videos on demand are already up and I've been watching a few: Tim Harford's talk was very good, and the session on Succession was brill. (Tried to get a tongue-twister in there but couldn't, sorry folks).
  • Finals season is upon us, and today I began this term's C++ final project, which is, of all things, building DJ software. It involved a lot of swearing at dependencies. But I now have a cool scrubber.
  • Holiday is approved, now for the booking!
  • Add me on BeReal, yo.

Collage of week 35, 2023

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