Weeknotes: Perambulating — 1st May 2022

Tried two slightly novel things this week: Not following a schedule for going to the office, and, insisting on cooking at home.

  • On Thursday morning I thought "Yolo" and went into the office, and, surprisingly had a pretty decent — slightly productive — day. For me, a denier of Thursdays, this is a big deal.
  • Skipped cooking on Wednesday because, I accidentally took the last train. Whoops!
  • Maybe it's less pressure? Maybe it's novelty? Maybe it's a mixture of a healthier attitude: I did admin, formed a chonky proposal & wrote some code. And felt great!

Last week my website build was failing, so, I skipped writing any weeknotes.

  • Spent some time learning about Japanese sentence structure instead: から can mean "so" or "because" & instantly allows creating compound sentences. Sweet.
  • Oh I guess I watched Sonic 2? Or something. It was okay.
  • Lesson on builds learned: Don't build on an untagged dependency because, you know, things break.

Towards improving my fitness I'm building to walking as much of the Thames path as I can get away with.

  • The full length is 180 miles so, well, maybe it isn't the kind of thing to do in a single day.
  • Living in Putney, there are two delightful ~8-mile stretches in either direction: One towards Richmond and another towards Waterloo & the London eye.
  • Coincidentally the latter is also my walk to work, so, reader, I can sense a bad idea forming.
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