Weeknotes: Routing — Week 23, 2023

  • It's air-con season again baby.
  • I've been context-switching like crazy between several things on my plate, while trying to make room for some focussed technical strategy work.
  • Went to Nick's house for a BBQ. Lost at many board-games that I've never played before. Lovely BBQ though. Saw a fox trying to climb the wall.
  • Doing the maths late one evening I figured out that I could save a lot of money by buying coffee and alcoholic beverages in-bulk. So anyway, on Wednesday evening a crate of Pocari Sweat, Suntory Boss Coffee and Suntory Strong Zero arrived. For a relaxing time, make it Suntory time.
  • Stayed late in the office on Friday, and ended up watching UXRCon with several researchers. Pretty interesting stuff, I really enjoyed the different perspectives on examining personal and systemic biases in research. I also really enjoyed most of the sponsor talks where they framed a sales-pitch for a product as a talk, and actually conveyed some pretty good stuff. Don't get that at engineering conferences.
  • With an upcoming trip, I played a lot of Zelda this weekend and started the perilous journey to unlock all of the Lightroots. There's so many of them! So I gave up and did the Fire, Water and Wind temples instead. Loving how expansive this game is: Even by BOTW standards it feels like it'll never end.

Collage of week 23, 2023

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